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Commercial Emergency Services

When disaster strikes and your business suffers from emergencies such as water or fire damage, we understand the overwhelming challenges you face.  We specialize in comprehensive solutions for all types of emergencies. Whether your roof has been damaged by a storm, or your property has been affected by water or fire incidents, we are here to provide you with swift and reliable restoration services. Our experienced team of professionals is well-equipped to handle the most complex situations, offering prompt and efficient restoration to bring your commercial property of work site back to its pre-emergency condition. We are available to be your trusted partner in restoring the overall integrity of your property.



Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services:
– Swift emergency water extraction and removal
– Efficient structural drying and dehumidification
– Thorough moisture detection and assessment
– Expert mold remediation and prevention strategies
– Carpet and upholstery cleaning for commercial spaces
– Specialized hardwood floor drying and restoration
– Document and content drying to salvage important records
– Prompt plumbing repairs and leak detection
– Comprehensive reconstruction and repairs to minimize downtime


Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services:
– Immediate board-up and securing of commercial properties
– Methodical smoke and soot cleanup for business environments
– Thorough structural assessment and stabilization
– Specialized contents cleaning and restoration for commercial items
– Efficient odor removal and deodorization techniques
– Swift fire damage repairs and reconstruction to resume operations
– HVAC system cleaning and decontamination for clean air quality
– Expert insurance claim assistance to expedite the process


Mold Remediation for Commercial Properties:
– Accurate identification and assessment of mold growth in commercial spaces
– Effective containment and isolation of affected areas to prevent further spread
– Professional mold removal and remediation techniques
– Regular air quality testing and monitoring for a healthy work environment
– Proactive measures to prevent mold recurrence in commercial properties
– Necessary repairs to affected structures and materials for long-term prevention


Commercial Contents Restoration:
– Careful pack-out and inventory of damaged belongings in commercial settings
– Thorough cleaning, deodorization, and restoration of furniture, appliances, and commercial items
– Specialized document and photo restoration to preserve important records
– Expert electronics and equipment restoration for commercial facilities
– Safe storage and secure warehousing of contents during the restoration process


Odor Removal and Air Quality Improvement for Commercial Spaces:
– Detailed odor source identification and effective removal techniques
– Advanced air purification and filtration systems for commercial properties
– Professional HVAC system cleaning and deodorization services
– Targeted ozone treatments to eliminate persistent odors
– Specialized thermal fogging methods for comprehensive odor elimination
– Expert deodorization of carpets, upholstery, and surfaces in commercial environments


Reconstruction and Repairs for Commercial Buildings:
– Swift roof repairs and replacement for commercial properties
– Efficient structural repairs and rebuilding to restore functionality
– Expert drywall and insulation restoration for commercial spaces
– Professional flooring repairs and installation to maintain a polished appearance
– Prompt window and door replacement for commercial buildings
– Precise painting and refinishing services for a refreshed commercial aesthetic
– Timely plumbing and electrical repairs to ensure smooth operations





Our goal is offering professional water and fire restoration services to meet the specific needs of our commercial clients. We know how important time is.  Our expertise in handling large-scale projects will  minimize the disruption to your business.



We provide accurate, reliable and ethical services with our expert staff. We apply the fastest and most reliable methods for your brand.



Our long-term work continues until the job is finished. We establish solid and long-term relationships with all the companies we work with.